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  2. Ass foal
  3. I remember this happened to me when my tileset was too large. What size is the tileset you're using?
  4. So I imported a new .gmz to make a new project, and I tried to make a new room, by copying the template room, and then I set it as the starting room. When I tested the game, even if the game was working fine, there was the jumping sound on loop for whatever reason. Is it a bug? Or did you use it as a placeholder? It's probably the former, because Sonic didn't make any sound while jumping. (Note that I hadn't modified the music box object in any way. Could that be the cause?)
  5. Don't worry, I'll see what I can do with the sprites, although I knew this would happen to me with the sprites of Sonic 1, 2 and CD
  6. Yeah... actually i wont be able to do the sprites but i do have the time for dialogues...
  7. Last week
  8. Hello there, another oldie! My name use to be Arcana Fang, KupoKnight22, Angus Young, PerfectChaos007, Mako Burnstead, and some random others. I think it was just possible to change names, so I never had a set name. What names did you go by?
  9. okay, In private I will send you the dialogues
  10. Damn that looks hard to do Yeah i'll try no problemo
  11. Spark of Future

    1. Rabid-Coot


      Licences do change hands and expire and I wouldn't be surprised if they got a better offer elsewhere.

    2. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      Oh well, nothing we can do about it, the comic was ruined when they started removing everyone anyway.

    3. Wulfsbane


      They changed it, it's now delayed until March

  12. Can you make these sprites look like the Classic Sonic version of Sonic 2?
  13. Hey guys. I used to frequent the forums between 2003-2007. Nice to see some stuff is happening still and hope that anyone browsing here who i ever interacted with.. well, i hope you're doing really well in life and i am sorry if i was ever an angsty teen and was a jerk to you LOL. I think that probably would describe a lot of us back then. It really feels odd revisiting such a familiar community and i may lurk from time to time. If anyone is still around from those times, would love to reconnect and see how things are going. I had an ex at the time who didn't like the forums so i let a lot of good friendships go to waste. Best wishes!
  14. I guess I should put this out there just in case. Maybe don't commit to an expensive purchase for Sonic until the quality is known.
  15. Okay, you can help me with the French translation, by the way, can I ask you a favor?
  16. assuming laptop is only needed for basic browsing you could probably get a cheap one from 200$-400$ and try getting an used PS4 for 200$ ( I know germany had new PS4 slims for about €200 a while back, but it kinda depends on where you live ). If you go for a "gaming" laptop aim for at least a GTX 1050 on newer laptops, I suppose those are around 1000$, you may also be able to get an older (maybe used? ) GTX 960M i5/i7 laptop for much cheaper though ($600-$700?). Maybe good to know; a 960M is not the same performance as 960 (desktop), while a GTX 1050 laptop is very similar to a 1050 in a desktop. I think a 960M will do fine, I have a 960M laptop (the dell inspiron 7559) running both Sonic Generations and transformed at 60FPS high settings 1080p, it even does transformed at 4K around 30FPS. If you want the cheapest option I simply recommend looking for the best deal with either an used PS4 or used 960M laptop Dell US also has outlet-laptops which may be worth looking into (kinda long link and I can't even link the good laptops XD choose "Nvidia" under Video at the left side and just look at the specs if it's a 960 or not) There's currently one cheap(549$) with a GTX 960M (note it says GTX 960 but it's probably M) with a 1366x768 screen (not a very nice resolution, but it'll give you the ability to play) there are also a few more expensive 7559 laptops with a 1080p or even 4K screen (Note: you probably wont be able to play Sonic 2017 on 4K with a 960M!). I personally have the 7559 and can recommend it, if you want to upgrade your laptop after a while (for example upgrade the HDD to an SSD or add more RAM ) it's really easy to do (only one screw).
  17. Got Robotnik today Didn't plan on buying him, but he was on sale, couldn't resist it. :3
  18. Nice, may i help with the French translation? French is mah main language *no frog joke pls*
  19. If you go to the topic where I talk about the game you'll be in French too... and that I've finally got voices... only in French
  20. There's FRENCH? gg
  21. I have an Action reply on hand but I thought id try to get a Shiny regularly. With different colored wool that has the same colors as Sylveon. Eh, I kinda see it but at the same time, nah. ------------------------------------------------------- Lazy sketch is lazy
  22. Gaming would be an additional function. But after looking in to prices based on those specs, I'm beginning to wonder if both a cheaper laptop and console together would still be cheaper than a laptop that has that power. *sigh*
  23. Are you getting a new computer just for the game or is gaming an additional function for a new computer? Because 2 out of the 3 consoles are a few years old now and have had a few price cuts and hardware revisions and you can save a bit more if you're comfortable with buying pre-owned.
  24. Mellow yellow Canary
  25. After a long time thinking, I added a launcher for the game, with the slogan "if you don't like it, change it!", You can change the language, screen resolution, Sonic sprites style (Sonic 1/2/CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Mod.gen), and change the Tails sprite when walking and running for a very different one (Sonic style), turn on or off music volume, sound effects and voices (And possibly if I get someone who can do the sprites of the characters of Umienko in Sonic Style will be able to enable an option to change the sprites of those characters). If you play the game without having gone through the launcher, the game will close and the launcher will open
  26. I just played this today. First of all, Massive kudos to the team that was able to remake the game from the ground up. It looks about as close you can get to the real Sonic 06 on PC. Also, finally a fully working lightspeed dash and spin dash. I like that part a lot. However, It's a little underwhelming. Sonic movement is slower than the real game which is a little jarring for me since I still play the real Sonic 06. Sonic's collision with rails really needs some work. Its looks awkward and slow to start. Although, I still have a lot a faith in this project. I can't wait for the next demo. Until then, This is a nice start.
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