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  2. One thing we have over at the Scribes is the 5 most recent comments from all posts on the side. It's actually a good way to see what topic/discussion is active. Lot of the widgets are actually really cool. Careful though, some will need configuring and some are a tad buggy
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  4. But Gull can hardly swallow, it's multigrain
  5. I apologize for double post, but this is the most detailed thing I have ever made? I think?
  7. I'm fairly far down on the list of people qualified to talk about Megaman but to my untrained eyes that looks like a Megaman.
  8. Because Rockman Megamix needs to have an anime AND a game. Please do write what you think of these. I want to know if I made 'em wrong. (the sprites in the gray-ish colours are not mine. i took them as reference/bases)
  9. Nice! I like the thoughts it gives me. Though, it feels a bit creepy? I dunno. Either way, keep it up!
  10. Its the stuff around 25 seconds in doesn't have the never gonna but does make me mentally insert "give you up" "let you down" to the tone. Doesn't really cover much of the lyrics but once it was in my head that was it.
  11. Last week
  12. here's a small track i made to test out some 80s style vst's i have
  13. NeoZero

    Please give feedback on my music topic. I beg. Well, no, I don't. But please give feedback nonetheless.


  14. So I think I'm going to start working on an "album", if you can call it that, so I decided "where better to begin than the beginning?" So I have begun at the beginning. This is the first track on As Of Yet Untitled (maybe that'll be the title?) The album will be written about a recluse, by a recluse, in the act being a recluse. This is just instrumental, but maybe I'll be able to bring in guest singers in other songs? Anyway, yeah. Here you go.
  15. Lemanic Defence League

    Nothing happened here in Sweden. Just wanted to make you informed about that.

  16. Okay, so before the dark times...before the purge. I'm glad you've checked back in as well, and I could surely use some of your Photoshop tips as I consider myself a novice when using the program. I'll also have to check out your Lol Sonic posts! I'd love to see some pictures when you go to the cons! Megadrive and Lunafreya would be interesting to see.
  17. MetalSonic30

    Take a look at this kickstarter: FictionSphere!

  18. So hard to narrow it down to just a few. I mean, I think that Face to Faith and Lost and found are the best soundtracks to come out of any Sonic game, despite what people may think of the games they're from. Also maybe I'm being very biased with it being my favorite game 'n all, but I do believe SA2:B to have the best level soundtracks to any Sonic game. I mean, come on, who doesn't rap along with Knuckles? (BTW, adored that when he did it in Lego Dimensions ) So if I were to narrow it down to a best theme and level like yourself.... Best theme: I Am All Of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog) As I said, insanely hard to pick just one. It was between this, Knight of the Wind and Live and Learn. So, a little story to introduce why I'm picking this. Last year I went to Summer of Sonic in London. As I mentioned on another topic, I went in cosplay, got a lot of attention, won an award, played Sonic Mania, met Yuji Naka, met Mike Pollock for the second time, had an absolutely great time. Well, Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli were there too. Didn't get to meet them (unfortunately), but they did put on 2 events. There was 'Jam with Jun', where he played guitar on stage to various Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 songs (which included a sing along with the entire event to City Escape, the version from Generations, was epic, Youtube that shit, it was awesome), and then the closing event to the day was a Crush 40 concert. Oh. My. Fuck. It was the greatest thing. I sang my heart out to them all (they even played a bit of their other stuff, like 2 Nights 2 Remember and One of Those Days, which was unexpected but awesome), but when I Am All Of Me got about half way through the first verse, I realised something... I was crying. Sobbing like a baby, I couldn't stop! I adore that song, clearly enough to invoke such a reaction whilst listening to it live. So that is why I'm picking it over the other two (which were also played). That and say what you will, I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog, that end Super Shadow level was worth doing all the routes, I had fun. Best Level theme: Pyramid Cave (Sonic Adventure 2) It was pretty damn close between this, City Escape and With Me from Sonic and the Black Knight. Two reasons for this one really though. The first being that I prefer the Crush 40 version of With Me from the album rather than the version used in the actual stage when you're Excalibur Sonic, making it I guess not a stage level. The second being a similar reason to above. I mentioned 'Jam With Jun'? Yeah.... Crying again when he played Pyramid Cave. Such an epic tune. Plus I've always loved how Steel Pans sound, and it has a lovely section in it. The way I see it is if music can move you that much, surely it's managed to sneak a special place in your heart? Also note on the choices in the above comment, Sonic Generations, Chemical Plant on Modern Sonic's stage? Pure Lush...
  19. That would be an interesting one to see XD
  20. Hang on I can actually find the exact year from DA... 2012. I was on the forums back then, then they kinda disappeared. Like, the site went down for a considerable amount of time. Not sure what made me randomly think about checking back in, but happy I did. Looking on the site, some of my Lol Sonic placements are still there. Man I was bad at photoshop in those days XD And yes, I do still cosplay actively. I'm definitely attending 2 cons around the Summer time, and cosplays I'm planning so far are Megadrive (from Sega Hard Girls), Mysterion (From South Park), Lunafreya (From FF15) and Blaziken (from Pokémon)
  21. about two months actually. also, I guess I can sorta here never gonna give you up in there?
  22. You know, it looks very neat and clean. It's simple and effective in my opinion. I hope you can get skins like you can on 3DS though...
  23. Just curious if any of you play this awesome mobile version of the card game? I've beta tested the game and love it to pieces!
  24. So, this is very random, but would anyone be interested in redesigning some of these or making a new version of this altogether? I'd love to play something like this.
  25. Releasing on the 30th of June. Surprisingly early but it could be a good time for the release. As the schedule stands right now there's not much in the weeks before release and only the Final Fantasy 12 remaster about 10 days after so it could end up as another game that does well in the quiet part of the year.
  26. Two weeks to go and we have a switch in the wild.
  27. White lioness
  28. Months late or a year late? Because it's still winter now. Also reminds me a little of never gonna give you up.
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