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    A question, how can I get the engine
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  4. Kinda expected really with the seeming lack of writer, director or cast announced .
  5. sonicfrost

    Ok thanks, i'll try that out and see if it works. Also, looking at that code, it seems like GM:S' GML is similar to GM8.
  6. sonicfrost

    You need to edit this a bit but here, take the Flicky title card: Creation Code: /// Variables. Position_State = 1; // How a position should change (see step event) Zone_Position_X[1] = view_wview; // X Position of the Zone name. Zone_Position_X[2] = view_wview; // X Position of the "Zone" below the zone name. Zone_Position_Y = 90; // Y Position of the Zone name. Act_Position_X = view_wview; // X Position of the act letter. Act_Position_Y = 90+sprite_get_height(spr_title_card_acts)*2; // Y Position of the act letter. Banner_Position_X = 0 + sprite_get_width(spr_title_card_banner); // X Position of the Banner. Banner_Position_Y = 0 - sprite_get_height(spr_title_card_banner); // Y Position of the Banner. Stop_Timer = 60; // How long we stop after we show the zone details. Backdrop_Alpha = 1; // Alpha of the black backdrop. Step Event: /// Move Positions. // Banner: // Appear: if(Position_State == 1){ if(Banner_Position_Y != 0){ Banner_Position_Y = min(0, Banner_Position_Y+10); }else{ Banner_Position_Y = 0; Position_State = 2; } } // Zone Name: if(Position_State == 2){ if(Zone_Position_X[1] != 320 - 16 - string_width(string(global.ZoneName))){ Zone_Position_X[1] = max(320 - 16 - string_width(string(global.ZoneName)), Zone_Position_X[1]-10); } } // "ZONE" below the actual zone name: if(Position_State == 2 && Zone_Position_X[1] = max(320 - 16 - string_width(string(global.ZoneName)), Zone_Position_X[1]-10)){ if(Zone_Position_X[2] != 320 - 16 - string_width(string("ZONE"))){ Zone_Position_X[2] = max(320 - 16 - string_width(string("ZONE")), Zone_Position_X[2]-10); } } // Act Number: if(Position_State == 2 && Zone_Position_X[2] = max(320 - 16 - string_width(string("ZONE")), Zone_Position_X[2]-10)){ if(Act_Position_X != 320 - 24 - sprite_get_width(spr_title_card_acts)){ Act_Position_X = max(320 - 24 - sprite_get_width(spr_title_card_acts), Act_Position_X -10); }else{ Position_State = 3; } } // Count up to 60 frames until we continue... if(Position_State == 3){ if(Stop_Timer != 0){ Stop_Timer -= 1; }else{ if(Backdrop_Alpha != -2){ Backdrop_Alpha -= 0.10; }else{ Position_State = 4; } } } // Disappear: if(Position_State == 4){ if(Banner_Position_Y != 0 - sprite_get_height(spr_title_card_banner)){ Banner_Position_Y = max(0 - sprite_get_height(spr_title_card_banner), Banner_Position_Y-15); } if(Zone_Position_X[1] != view_wview){ Zone_Position_X[1] = max(0 - 16 - string_width(string(global.ZoneName)), Zone_Position_X[1]+15); } if(Zone_Position_X[2] != view_wview){ Zone_Position_X[2] = max(0 - 16 - string_width(string("ZONE")), Zone_Position_X[2]+15); } if(Act_Position_X != view_wview){ Act_Position_X = max(0 - 24 - sprite_get_width(spr_title_card_acts), Act_Position_X+15); } } // Enable Movement for each character: if(Backdrop_Alpha < 1){ if(instance_exists(par_character)){ with(par_character){ LockControl = 0; } } } // Done, destroy this instance! if(Position_State == 4 && Zone_Position_X[1] == view_wview){ instance_destroy(); } Draw Event: /// Draw the Title Card. // Black Backdrop: draw_set_color(c_black); draw_set_alpha(Backdrop_Alpha); draw_rectangle(view_xview+0, view_yview+0, view_xview+view_wview, view_yview+view_hview, 0); draw_set_alpha(1); draw_set_color(c_white); // Banner: draw_sprite(spr_title_card_banner, -1, floor(view_xview+Banner_Position_X), floor(view_yview+Banner_Position_Y)); // Zone Name: draw_set_font(global.Font_Card) draw_text(view_xview+Zone_Position_X[1], view_yview+Zone_Position_Y, string(global.ZoneName)); draw_text(view_xview+Zone_Position_X[2], view_yview+Zone_Position_Y, string("#ZONE")); // Zone Act: draw_sprite(spr_title_card_acts, global.ZoneAct-1, view_xview+Act_Position_X, view_yview+Act_Position_Y);
  7. sonicfrost

    Yes (sorry for the one word post btw)
  8. sonicfrost

    Is it supposed to act like the Sonic 3 one?
  9. I'm sorry, I'll see myself out now.
  10. Canada Geese with their Canada Goslings.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I doubt you'll get anything more than a generic PR respose thanking fans for support maybe another mention of talks still being ongoing.
  13. The Sonic Movie Has Been Delayed to 2019
  14. To be fair, im kinda neutral about it, i mean i kinda want to give it a chance but at the same time i dont because its fucking bubsy of all charathers, Im also wondering why they thought bringing back the "dying in one hit" thing was a good idea
  15. To show the dedication of the fans, of course. What else? This isn't about finances.
  16. a better question is What is a petition going to do?
  17. If the game is developed by Sonic Team, I think, yes.
  18. The part of the game are important for the story ofc. You can not take it out of the game story. Because the story of the game is already explained through that game part/place. This is the case in every game. Game mechanics and the parts/places where the game is played are not the same. For example, in the story of Heroes, each team is thrown into the adventure, starting with Seaside Hill. Game mechanics designed for the characters in the region mentioned have nothing to do with this. In the same way Green Hill is a part of the game, but we also know that Sonic is a place where he often goes to have fun. ( Ignoring the story of this games parts, it is the same thing to ignore parts of the game that are part of the Generations story. In that respect I do not agree with your thoughts.
  19. WD40

    When life gives u soap...dont drop it...



    1. Rabid-Coot


      It's ok if you can pick it up within the five seconds rule.

  20. What does a petition tell them that their sales data wouldn't have already?
  21. I'm Dcfan200, in case you're not already aware, and I'm making a joint effort with my friends to try helping the Sonic the Hedgehog comics by forming this petition. Now, as most of you already know, this originates from the commonly known information that Archie's CEO, Jonathan Goldwater, supposedly stated that Sonic's comics were "not really Archie," and as a result, are supposed to be genuinely cancelled. So, we're forming together in an effort to try and make our voices heard as friends and fans for the better of not just ourselves, but the comics themselves. If you want to help, the petition is below this sentence. Thank you.
  22. Banned because I dont even know what yours is.
  23. Last week
  24. thegoku7729

    You're probably not gonna believe it but i have found Sonic Worlds 0.2 (its from 2007, and the physics feel even weirder with some objects even unfinished).

    1. Kono Mike da

      Kono Mike da


    2. thegoku7729


      Yus i will when im back from school

    3. thegoku7729
  25. I for one played a whole ton of Bubsy on the Genesis as a kid. I'm quite aware it's objectively not very well designed, but I can't hate on it and still have fun revisiting the game if probably only for the nostalgic value. But even at age 6 I could tell Bubsy 2 was rubbish.
  26. GM:Studio

    Ohhh ok That's pretty cool!
  27. Banned because I saw your avatar.
  28. Modern Sonic's stage seems to be quite short.
  29. sonicfrost

    Well, i did add # to Snowy Hills "SNOWY#HILLS" it worked! so, here's the draw code of the titlecard object: maybe i should post the step code or the create code, or the alarm codes.
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