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Sonic Webble

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Sonic webble is an online sonic web game currently in development. You'll be able to breed and train chao, you can gather items in the Adventure-zone where you play as Sonic, Shadow or Knuckles. (Tails will be added aswell, and possibly more in the future).

Current team: 


Me (Hedgy)


Yimoo (Chao & UI)

Candy Briones (Characters & Game)


If you're intersted in helping out, be sure to give me a PM. Especially if you're good in web design or programming. :)

Edited by Hedgy

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Im only good at editing sprites so it depends on what sprites you need

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On 9-1-2017 at 1:08 PM, fahyda said:

Im only good at editing sprites so it depends on what sprites you need

Looks like I have found someone, but thanks for offer! :) 

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An online Sonic web game? Could work well. Looking forward to it.

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    • TheBlueRenegade
      By TheBlueRenegade
      From the people behind Sonic Adventure Emerald and Sonic Legends comes a brand new adventure set in the classic era where there is danger around every corner. It's a fight to bring the island back to peace, but also a fight for survival.
      I'm The Blue Renegade, the creator of Sonic Adventure Emerald and I will be the leader of the Project Survival development team. This game is the first fan game to use Shiro's GMATE engine (an engine the rest of you have to wait until next year for before you ask) where we have close enough 1:1 physics and structure similar to the classic era of Sonic along with level design suited for speed and platforming by yours truly lol
      What we, as a team, aim to achieve with this fan game is a classic experience similar to the likes of Sonic 2 and 3 but also bringing new gimmicks and such to the table to make it stand out from other fan games. It's easy to get lost in a crowd. The game will mostly contain custom/edited art from the likes of Goncas, LooneyDude and Tpot to bring alive brand new innovative zones, maybe with some inspirations tossed in there.
      We planned to have a demo of Riverside Park Act 1 ready for December's SAGE but now that's been pushed back to next year, it allows us to create a full zone demo of Riverside Park which will consist of 3 acts along with Tails and Knuckles as playable characters.
      We only have one video released about the project and that's its teaser. Hopefully from the trailer alone you can gather the nature of this fan game but please take into account this is not what the final product may look like and things are subject to change.
      A more in-depth look at the game provided to you by Matt of TailsChannel!
      That's really all I can say about this game so far. Any updates or new videos released about the game will be posted on this thread and if you have any decent questions, feel free to ask and one of us will get back to you!
      Or alternatively you can check out our twitter for the latest screenshots and small updates!
      The Project Survival Team:
      The Blue Renegade
      Black Ace
      Sir Spacebar
      Noah Copeland
      with help from Mr Lange, TailsChannel, DanRock, Shadowninja981, Spinny and SunkythePootis
      Before you ask, we're not letting just ANYONE take part in the project.
    • KickAzz6317
      By KickAzz6317
      I made a quick example of how to implement Cheese in case someone wanted to do a Cream&Cheese combo like in the advance games. Permission not needed but Credz is appreciated.
    • WD40
      By WD40
      SEGA Europe Says “New Sonic Games Will Be Inspired By How It Played In Heyday”
      Why haven't you guys mention this!? This is big!
      Any thoughts on the matter?
      Gonna be a screwup?
      A refresher?
      Let the discussion begin!
      Also, the Waka question of the day? What do you think the game is gonna be like(gameplay,story,etc)
    • WD40
      By WD40
      Hello I'm here to give you some Sonic engines for game maker,both 3D and 2D,check it out I'm posting this from over at my dA
      2D engines
      Dekoldrick and the Fgx Insider's Sonic Dev Engine; Formally Called Sonic Worlds: GM (Epic!)


      Tyrelld8 Sonic Adventure 3 Engine(Real Nice!)


      *360 rotation
      * Homing Attack - Space Bar (when near an enemy) (Modern Sonic only)
      *Spin Dash - Z button (hold longer for faster takeoff) (Classic Era only)
      *Super Peel Out - X Button (wait for the figure-8 feet) (Classic Normal Sonic only)
      *Light Dash - C button (when near rings) (Modern Sonic only)
      *Boost Attack - Z button (Modern Sonic only)
      *Fly (Sonic) - Hold Z button and use Arrow Keys to move (if none are pressed, he floats mid-air)(press Up or W when on the ground)(Modern Super Sonic only)
      *Fly (Tails) - Press the Space Bar once to start; press repeatedly to keep flying.
      *Charge Attack - X button (Classic Super Sonic only)
      *W Kaiten Attack - Space Bar (in air) (Classic Normal Sonic only)
      *Roll - Down (when moving) (for all)
      *Air Dash - Space Bar (in air) (Modern Sonic only)
      *Wall Jump - Approach a Yellow wall while jumping; keep jumping to reach higher ground (Modern Sonic only)
      *Stomp - Press the X button while in the air (Modern Sonic only)
      *Slide - Press the X button while on the ground (Modern Sonic only)
      *Transform - C button with 50 Rings or more (Normal Sonic only)

      Here are the basic controls:

      * Walk / Run - Left and Right Keys
      * Jump - Space Bar
      * Look Up / Crouch Down - Up and Down, respectively
      * Brake / Decelerate - Button opposite in direction (if left, then right, and vice versa)

      Right now I using this engine for my own Hero 3.

      The Sonic Revival Engine by Chaos Rush(Smooth)


      Sonic Advance Engine by Lewis Cross


      Sonic The Hedgehog Lite Engine created also by Xenonite11(No need for the full version of GM,YAY!)

      Sonic Dash and Dash + (also known as the Sonic Xmas Engine) is an open-source Sonic the Hedgehog engine created by Damizean and RogueYoshi(AI! and Azure Lake Zone! OMG YAY)

      Sonic Ultima Engine by Alex Z

      Iso Sonic Engine New
      by DanF and bob_the_flying_monkey

      Super Sonic SRU Tutorial created by DoctorSonic1 (Want Supa Sonic for your Sonic Revival?)

      The Super Ring Engine The open source Sonic engine for GM 8 by MalcomX and mrpeanut188 (Tons of Gimmicks)


      For others check out
      Super tails' Sonic engine
      Sonic MAX by TheTruePowerofTeamwork
      More soon...
      3D engines
      Sonic 3d engine example created by Gamer Dee (Very epic)
      Sonic Simple 3D Engine created by my bf on DA, Nikko the cat (IT HAS LOOPS!LOOPS!!!)
      Sonic 3D Engine v4 created by Yal
      Sonic- 2_5D Demo 1_2 created by Xenonite11
      Mario 3d Engine V3.9 created by Triplejctick(real nice,replace the sprites wit some Sonic Xtreme sprite and you got Sonic Xtreme)
      More soon...
      give credit to the creators

      And hey your game could be in the next SAGE
    • Starturbo
      By Starturbo
      I've tried out the demo of this game and it's really solid! I think this could end up being a great game, especially once they add more features and characters! I'm also friends with one of the creators of this game (online, not in real life) and he seems really nice. He's given me good advice for one of my projects and I've given him advice for this game.
      Some of you may know that there is a similar game called Indie Assault, which got pretty negative reviews. I've never played Indie Assault, but Indie Game Battle seems far better. Also, the creators of Indie Assault don't like the creators of Indie Game Battle. I would personally like to see Lilac from Freedom Planet in IGB, but I'm not sure if GalaxyTrail would like that, seeing how Indie Assault turned out (Spade from Freedom Planet was used in Indie Assault). I think Spark the Electric Jester would also be a good idea and one of IGB's creators seems to think so as well! Therefore, I really hope he makes it in at some point! Apparently, they tried to get Shovel Knight in IGB at one point, but Yacht Club said they don't want him in right now.
      I also made a 1080p 60FPS video of the game. Keep in mind, I'm still new to making videos and I sometimes stumble over my words. It may also be hard to hear me in some parts.

      Support the Steam Greenlight here:  
      Download the demo here (you may have to make an account for the site in order to download):
      A Kickstarter for the game will be starting soon as well. I will try to update this topic with a link, once it starts. Anyways, what does everyone think about this game?
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