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Memories of a Hedgehog Game

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Hello people, I come to share a Demo of a game that takes time to work, I have to warn that it is not Demo 1, but, the 0.6, so I refer to this demo as incomplete at the end of this, consists of only one Level and options with multilanguage in English and Spanish, is quite complete to be even the first Official Demo.


Some images:







Download: mega:///#!I1RUiJJB!RhFjM3Ra_BY5ibs5JfuzNtxBSruS93ZFPhwkZe-ezg0 (Copy and paste)

Created by JapoloyPaletin - J&P Productions

Published with permission of the creator.

Edited by facundogomez
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    • Carlos Ushiromiya
      By Carlos Ushiromiya
      Hello, i'ts me Mario, it's my second post on this topic, yay. I show you my fan game again and also how it will be the history, the zones, enemies and everything else, the story of the game is based before the events of Sonic 4 and after the events of Ougon Muso Kyoku Cross (a fighting game based on Umineko Not Nalu Koro ni):

      Made with:

      After the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Eggman decides to return to his very old base to think of a new plan to defeat Sonic and his friends, when his computer detected an island that didn't exist in the present.
      The island was called Rokkenjima, where many powerful witches lived, some of those witches were willing to kill anyone who got in their way, while others tried to help you.
      Eggman to see that he had an idea, to go to that island to convince to the alpha witch so that they can destroy to Sonic and its friendly, but later it remembered that that island didn't exist in the present, so it decided to construct a time machine to return to October 4, 1986, where there was the Rokkenjima Massacre.
      Eggman already being in Rokkenjima of the past, went to search for Beatrice, the alpha witch, once he found it, decided to reach an agreement with her, if she helped him to destroy Sonic and his friends, he offered him an eternal rival to she, Beatrice accepted and went to look for the other witches to help Eggman.
      Meanwhile, Eggman discovered through his monitor that there was an hidden emerald on this island, so he decided to put a bomb on the island, and once Beatrice arrived with Lambdadelta, Bernkastel and Eva Beatrice, they decided to return to the present.
      Once in the present, the witches decided to go get Sonic and his friends to destroy them, what they didn't know is that Eggman was actually using them, it depends on Sonic and his friends saving the past and the present pf the plans of Eggman... But this time Eggman will not perform so easily, he has a plan up his sleeve.
      The team:
      Carlos Ushiromiya: Leader and alpha programmer
      Rusty: Graphics
      Stella Nightwish, SSNTails and Flash_G: Musicans
      Main Characters:
      (Without reference of Carlos)
      Unlockable Characters:
      (Without reference of Celeste)(Without reference of Rusty)(Without reference of Zoemie and Noemie)
      Enemies and Bosses:
      (Without reference of Karurosu and Black Lucifer)
      Zones - Movements (Yep... in this game, each zone means a movement on the board of Beatrice, see the anime so that they know that I speak):
      Beatrice's first game:
      Movement 1: Frozen Island Zone

      Movement 2: Equidna Ruins Zone
      Movement 3: Aquatic Fortress Zone
      Movement 4: Rokkenjima Island Zone (Everybody travels to the past)
      Movement 5: Carnival City Zone
      Movement 6: Bernkastel Sanctuary Zone
      Movement 7: Witches Fortress Zone (Everybody travels to the present)
      Beatrice's second game:
      Movement 8: Lambdadelta Casino Zone
      Movement 9: Lucifer Forest Zone
      Movement 10: Ushiromiya Mansion Zone (Everybody travels to the past, again)
      Movement 11: Starlight Skyscraper Zone (Everybody travels to the present, again)
      Movement 12: Sky Speedway Zone
      Movement 13: Egg Factory Zone (Pending name)
      Final Movement: Catastrophic Madness Zone
      Special Zones:
      Beatrice's special game 1:
      Special Movement 1: Lost Hope Zone
      Special Movement 2: Eggman Airships Zone
      Special Movement 3: Golden Land Zone
      Special Movement 4: Furr Kwatch Zone
      Special Movement 5: Sweet Hill Zone
      Special Movement 6: Death Egg Zone
      Beatrice's special game 2:
      Special Movement 7: Lambdadelta Paradise Zone
      Special Movement 8: Bernkastel Forest Zone
      Special Movement 9: Lucifer Fortress Zone
      Special Movement 10: Witches Fortress Zone (Future)
      Special Movement 11: Casino Night Zone
      Special Movement 12: Catastrophic Madness Zone (Future)
      Special Movement 13: Lambdadelta Studio Zone
      Beatrice's special game 3:
      Special Movement 14: Zepar and Furfur Casino Zone
      Special Movement 15: Green Hill Zone
      Special Movement 16: Witch City Zone
      Special Movement 17: Emerald Hill Zone
      Special Movement 18: Rainbow Road Zone
      Special Movement 19: Angel Island Zone
      Special Movement 20: Beatrice Castle Zone
      Now the game will be translated into French too, I have also got through Facebook to the actresses who will make the voices of Lambdadelta and Bernkastel, After half a year asking for voices everywhere I'm still missing several, but I'll keep looking
      Lambdadelta French Voice:
      Bernkastel French Voice:
      Beatrice Spanish Voice:
      Download Link: May 13, 20:00 (Argentina time, exact time)
      May Update:
      Frozen Island Zone complete
      Hidden sound test
      Debug mode
      Image gallery
      All Frozen Island Zone cutscenes
      A difficult access to Lambdadelta Room Zone, with demonstration of the French voices of Lambdadelta and Bernkastel, the Spanish voice of Beatrice and the English voice of Tails
      You can only play with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Carlos, Bernkastel and Celeste
      Sonic, Tails and Knuckles Sprite Style (Sonic 1/Sonic CD version, Sonic 3/Knuckles version and Sonic Mania version)
      PD1: What surprises me is that with this fan-game I fulfilled the dream of 2 friends of mine, I really feel like... god... not exactly
      PD2: If they ask, I'm going to add real people to the game, now I know that after this I get a shower of bad critics and all those shit
    • CocoaCat57
      By CocoaCat57
      Hiya! I’m going to get straight to the point here. I’m in the process of remaking Sonic Advance using the Sonic Worlds Delta engine.
      I grew up playing the Advance games and I love them to death, but the increasingly unfair level design, enemy/spike/bottomless pit placement, and generally small screen size leaves something to be desired. I kept having tons of ideas for solutions to these issues, so I figured I might as well put my skills to work.
      Now, I’ve set out to create the definitive version of Sonic Advance, one that any Sonic fan, modern or classic, can enjoy! 

      I just completed a demo for it, and I really want to share my work with fellow Sonic fans, so here's what I've got available in the demo! (Read on for download links below!)
      CONTROLS: Arrow Keys to move around, Z Key is the A Button, X Key is the B Button, and you can pause with Enter/Return Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are playable, along with one Unlockable Character Only Act 1 of Neo Green Hill Zone is accessible, but there are quite a few secrets and extra details to find! All links include downloadable files for both a Windows version (21 MB Zip File, 22 MB Unzipped) and a Mac version (284 MB Zip File, 573 MB Unzipped) This demo could be considered a proof of concept—a test run of sorts, so it would mean a lot to me if you give me your feedback. I’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have as well!
      Thank you so much for taking interest in my project! Now, here are the download links! All three have the exact same files uploaded, and I am confident that they are all safe to download from, so take your pick.
      Link 1: Dropbox
      Link 2: Google Drive
      Link 3: MEGA!J7RmCIRZ!0AHy3qB-jvL43a2AXRNVNQ
      Please let me know if any of these links do not work for you, or if you have any other issues you’d like to ask about. 
      NOTE: If you’re using a Mac, the demo application might act kind of funny the first time you open it. Give it some time to boot up that first time, and then it should load normally any time you open it from there on out!
      If you'd like to lean more about my project, check out the blog, too, and if you enjoy this demo, share it around! Thank you again for your support!
    • Night-the-Cat
      By Night-the-Cat
      Welcome to my Art Gallery! :3
      Alright, so it's been quite a while since I drew anything Sonic related so some of these are pretty old. The most recent piece is one of Blaze the Cat holding a Sol Emerald, which I drew a few weeks ago for a thing on dA. I don't often draw main characters, so I included a very old drawing of Blaze I did from 2011 so you can compare. I've included Sonic and Non-Sonic art in this gallery too. ~Anyway, enjoy!
      Sonic Art

      Non-Sonic Art

    • BlakePlayzGamez
      By BlakePlayzGamez
                                                                                      Creator: BlakePlayzGamez/BlakezGamez
                                                                                      Co Creator: Max (Fayhada)
                                                                                       Sprites and Music: Speed Blitz
                                                                                        Other Sprites and Enemies: Super Tails
                                                                                        Other Members: Ricky, Shadow Fan
         After the Events of Sonic 3 And Knuckles our hero's head back to South Island after 1/2 years from having adventures elsewhere
      But...One day Sonic discovers the Chaos Emeralds are gone!!! Sonic suspects it's Robotnik but Tails says other wise "They've gone to a new Island after dissapearing!" Tails said. "Its still probably Robuttnik who did it, cmon let's go little bro!! Sonic said. Sonic and Tails run and hop in the tornado! They fly to the Seaside Shore Zone on this Lost Island as a new adventure begins!!
      Seaside Shore Zone
      Neon Paradise Zone
      Aqua Caverns Zone
      Magma Ruin Zone
      Pyramid Rush Zone
      Speed City Zone
      Robo-Madness Zone
      The Chase Zone
      Death Egg Revived Zone
      Play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and Add each one as the cpu!
      Sonic: Sonic plays like a mix of Sonic 3 And CD you can turn on Homing Attack and Light Dash in the options!
      Tails: Plays exactly like Sonic 3
      Knuckles: Plays exactly like Sonic 3
      Objective: Get to the goal in Act 1 and Beat the boss and grab the zones emerald in Act 2
      Badniks: Coming Soon
    • Violet
      By Violet
      Flicky is going to be a new Engine for Game Maker:Studio.
      That'll feature most gimmicks from the original trilogy.
      - Full 360 degrees rotation. (which can easily be changed to be 8-directional to make it even closer to the original games)
      - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, each with their abilities carefully recreated. 
      - Super forms for every character, including the super flickies for tails and earthquake for Knuckles.
      - Basic Collectibles and Objects like Rings, Monitors and Springs.
      - Again, most of the gimmicks from the original 3 games, such as Corkscrews, Peelout and more.
      - No DLL or Extension required, and it works with the free version of Game Maker:Studio, so everyone can use it.
      - Much more!
      BHE also features a customizable screen mode, it can easily be changed to Classic (320x224) or 16:9
      without having to modifiy the engine.

      16:9 -

      Classic (320x224) -

      ATM, i'm looking for some beta testers, so if you like to help me out with that, feel free to leave a reply or PM me.
      Beta Testers:
      Kono Mike da thegoku supertails Starturbo Creepario BlakePlayzGamez Speed_Blitz69 Mors Illias3000 NeoZero sociopart1 Average Gamer Sanic 16
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