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Memories of a Hedgehog Game

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Hello people, I come to share a Demo of a game that takes time to work, I have to warn that it is not Demo 1, but, the 0.6, so I refer to this demo as incomplete at the end of this, consists of only one Level and options with multilanguage in English and Spanish, is quite complete to be even the first Official Demo.


Some images:







Download: mega:///#!I1RUiJJB!RhFjM3Ra_BY5ibs5JfuzNtxBSruS93ZFPhwkZe-ezg0 (Copy and paste)

Created by JapoloyPaletin - J&P Productions

Published with permission of the creator.

Edited by facundogomez
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    • TheMasterCarlos
      By TheMasterCarlos
      Hello, i'ts me Mario, it's my second post on this topic, yay. I show you my fan game again and also how it will be the history, the zones, enemies and everything else:

      Made with:

      After Eggman's last defeat in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Eggman decided to return to his base to seek outside help, until one of the satellites detected an island that at present did not exist, that island was called "Rokkenjima".
      Unexplained things happened in that place, more than anything the homicides and suicides that occurred every day, there inhabited witches, stakes of purgatory and different kinds of mystical and powerful people. The 3 witches named Beatrice, Lambdadelta and Bernkastel and the 7 stakes of purgatory called Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Belphegor, Mammon, Beelzebub and Asmodeus killed anyone who got in their way. To the disgrace of Eggman if he went there they would kill him instantly, so he decided to contact the alpha witch, but since the island did not exist and everyone was dispersed around the world, he decided to build a time machine and return to 1986, where The wave of homicides was present on the island.
      Once that happens, Eggman decided to look for Beatrice and the others to be their allies to destroy Sonic and his friends, after a long time of search Eggman met Beatrice and then tried to convince her to join her team together With the other witches.
      Beatrice accepted it without denying it 2 times, then I call the 7 stakes and the 3 remaining witches to make equipment. Something new that Eggman discovered from his Eggmobile is that the island had a very powerful emerald underground, when they were distracted, Eggman threw a bomb in the center of the island, which nobody knew at the moment.
      Already with Lucifer, Bernkastel, Beatrice and Karurosu in their team, Eggman decided to return to the present and send the witches to fulfill the objective, everything was very good for him, until one day 4 friends decide to end Eggman's plans one more time... but Eggman has many tricks this time not to give up easily.
      Main Characters:
      (Without reference of Carlos) (Without reference of Annaisha)(Without reference of Karurosu)
      Unlockable Characters:
      (Without reference of Celeste, Zebax and ?????)(Without confirmation of Miyo Takano)

      Enemies and Bosses:
      (Without reference of Karurosu and Demon Lucifer)
      Zones - Movements (Yep... in this game, each zone means a movement on the board of Beatrice, see the anime so that they know that I speak):
      Beatrice's first game:
      Movement 1: Frozen Island Zone

      Movement 2: Equidna Ruins Zone
      Movement 3: Aquatic Fortress Zone
      Movement 4: Rokkenjima Island Zone (Everybody travels to the past)
      Movement 5: Carnival City Zone
      Movement 6: Bernkastel Sanctuary Zone
      Movement 7: Witches Fortress Zone (Everybody travels to the present)
      Beatrice's second game:
      Movement 8: Lambdadelta Casino Zone
      Movement 9: Lucifer Forest Zone
      Movement 10: Ushiromiya Mansion Zone (Everybody travels to the past, again)
      Movement 11: Starlight Skyscraper Zone (Everybody travels to the present, again)
      Movement 12: Sky Speedway Zone
      Movement 13: Egg Factory Zone (Pending name)
      Final Movement: Catastrophic Madness Zone
      Special Zones:
      Beatrice's special game 1:
      Special Movement 1: Lost Hope Zone
      Special Movement 2: Eggman Airships Zone
      Special Movement 3: Golden Land Zone
      Special Movement 4: Furr Kwatch Zone
      Special Movement 5: Sweet Hill Zone
      Special Movement 6: Death Egg Zone
      Beatrice's special game 2:
      Special Movement 7: Lambdadelta Paradise Zone
      Special Movement 8: Bernkastel Forest Zone
      Special Movement 9: Lucifer Fortress Zone
      Special Movement 10: Witches Fortress Zone (Future)
      Special Movement 11: Casino Night Zone
      Special Movement 12: Catastrophic Madness Zone (Future)
      Special Movement 13: Lambdadelta Studio Zone
      Beatrice's special game 3:
      Special Movement 14: Zepar and Furfur Casino Zone
      Special Movement 15: Green Hill Zone
      Special Movement 16: Witch City Zone
      Special Movement 17: Emerald Hill Zone
      Special Movement 18: Rainbow Road Zone
      Special Movement 19: Angel Island Zone
      Special Movement 20: Beatrice Castle Zone
      Now the game will be translated into French too, I have also got through Facebook to the actresses who will make the voices of Lambdadelta and Benrkastel, After half a year asking for voices everywhere I'm still missing several, but I'll keep looking, The demo will probably come out the first week of February, i promess
      Lambdadelta French Voice:
      Bernkastel French Voice:
      PD: What surprises me is that with this fan-game I fulfilled the dream of 2 friends of mine, I really feel like... god... not exactly
    • Violet
      By Violet
      Flicky is going to be a new Engine for Game Maker:Studio.
      That'll feature most gimmicks from the original trilogy.
      - Full 360 degrees rotation. (which can easily be changed to be 8-directional to make it even closer to the original games)
      - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, each with their abilities carefully recreated. 
      - Super forms for every character, including the super flickies for tails and earthquake for Knuckles.
      - Basic Collectibles and Objects like Rings, Monitors and Springs.
      - Again, most of the gimmicks from the original 3 games, such as Corkscrews, Peelout and more.
      - No DLL or Extension required, and it works with the free version of Game Maker:Studio, so everyone can use it.
      - Much more!
      BHE also features a customizable screen mode, it can easily be changed to Classic (320x224) or 16:9
      without having to modifiy the engine.

      16:9 -

      Classic (320x224) -

      ATM, i'm looking for some beta testers, so if you like to help me out with that, feel free to leave a reply or PM me.
      Beta Testers:
      Kono Mike da thegoku supertails Starturbo Creepario BlakePlayzGamez Speed_Blitz69 Mors Illias3000 NeoZero sociopart1 Average Gamer Sanic 16
    • atkins80
      By atkins80
      This is my new Sonic fangame Iv'e been working on for a little over a year, it will feature 18 areas with 3 acts each, Iv'e made 3 areas so far nearly, here are some screenshots of some of the pictures of the game.

    • mattpoulin789
      By mattpoulin789
      I am making this topic to discuss anything about the Sonic X Discotek Media DVD releases in general

    • Creepario
      By Creepario
      Based on the Sonic Mania Studiopolis Fangame - Sonic Mania Worlds
      A Mashup of Elements of Sonic Mania and of the fangame engine Sonic Worlds.

      The fangame will include the standard Sonic Worlds Test Zone and Studiopolis Zone, more accurate than in the Studiopolis Fangame. Playable are planned to be Sonic, Tails and Knux like in Sonic Mania. The fangame is still in early development so stay tuned!
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