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Night's Art Gallery

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Welcome to my Art Gallery! :3


Alright, so it's been quite a while since I drew anything Sonic related so some of these are pretty old. The most recent piece is one of Blaze the Cat holding a Sol Emerald, which I drew a few weeks ago for a thing on dA. I don't often draw main characters, so I included a very old drawing of Blaze I did from 2011 so you can compare. I've included Sonic and Non-Sonic art in this gallery too. ~Anyway, enjoy!


Sonic Art



Non-Sonic Art


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Just did a pic of Night in Sonic Skyline style. Sonic Skyline is an AU created by the wonderful drawloverlala on dA. Enjoy! ^^

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They all look great! Keep up the great work!


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Neat work. Your drawing style is pretty good.

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21 hours ago, Stritix said:

Neat work. Your drawing style is pretty good.

Thanks! ^^

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