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Time had been broken. I remembered that much. Somebody made time stop and the whole entirety of the dimension just...folded up like a shitty plastic outdoor trestle table. Memories, something I'd thought inviolable, had been taken from me. I had a sense that things were missing, but the specifics of it all eluded me. I'd just been there as if no time had passed since I'd first entered the dimension. In the inter-dimensional Void. No transition, no burning fireball, just suddenly SoaH City and its history were gone, and I was adrift in the abstract form of the Grey Castle. Memories of Bluehawk remained, yet those taking place within SoaH were disconnected, one solid image of the blue fox on a background of constantly shifting noise.

It's laundry time at the T3, but nobody touches the IronWing.

I suppose since we knew one another outside of that universal schema, that anchor held. Probably the only reason I remembered the name of the place at all, given Hawk's even stronger bond to the place. Though his exact fate escaped me. So much was still missing. I shook myself out of my fugue and placed down a marker that would follow the empty space where the dimension had been. Sentiment was hard to find for a place that I could barely recall, yet according to Hawk, the world had been broken once before. Perhaps it could be reinstated? Though, this was a total absence, the same rules might not apply twice. The mechanics of the multiverse were still as much a mystery as a known quantity, moreso in fact. Though I'd never admit that to him, even if I saw him again. Pride and all that. Does terrible things to a chap if it's not held in check.
'Ivon?' I tapped the comms button on the nearest control panel. 'Ivon, are you there?'
'Of course I'm here Modus, what's happened?' the reply came through in short order, no confusion beyond the apparent oddity of my question.
'That's the problem old egg, I'm not so sure,' I replied, scratching my forehead. 'Something went wrong with a dimension we'd settled in, and I can't recall what it was. Broken time, and then suddenly no records, we're here in the Void, and I can just barely remember Hawk.'
'So what do we do then? I've just sat down for breakfast.'
'Well, I'm wondering if there's any way of us working out...' I paused, sighing.
'Working out...?'
'Whether or not it was my fault this time.'



I'd honestly forgotten about it for quite some time, probably a couple of centuries at least. As hard as I looked, I never found anything. Life continued on, I got older, things continued to break down around me from time to time, I won some, I lost some. Life, on the whole, was being lived. Then I got a blip. It was tiny, a little echo in the ether. The marker was registering atmosphere, and it picked up on a faint echo of a known quantity. The known quantity faded, but the atmosphere held. The dimension had, seemingly of its own volition, returned. Or, at the very least, something now occupied that space, and held some memory of what had been there before.
'Well now, this should be an interesting experience,' a voice I'd not heard in some time spoke near my ear.
'Epherac!? What in blazes are you doing here?' I beheld the visage of one of my progeny I'd thought lost, extruded from the stones of the Castle.
'I'm not entirely certain,' he replied, sounding far more lucid than I'd heard him sound in millennia. 'A series of events just...reasserted themselves, I think. I'm part of the Castle again, my subsystems are all here, but there's a lot of corrupted, or at the very least, suspect data everywhere. I can't...remember.' Epherac's face screwed up in pain.
'Quarantine it for now, Ef. I'll look at it later,' I replied. I knew at least that much should be possible, given that the Soul Tube driver systems that would be housing my son had been in place some time before I'd entered the city initially.
'Done and done,' he replied, relief washing over his features. 'Shall I set a course for the...whatever or wherever it is?'
'Yeah, do that. I'll check on everyone else aboard, make sure there's no ill effects from the anomaly.'

In little time, the Grey Castle had made its way to the spot where I'd last seen the dimension designated SoaH. All aboard were okay, some a little confused, but none hurt, at least not as far as I could see. I felt the membrane of the dimension before me. It was familiar, yet not the same. A thought continually chased its way around and around in my mind.

What are you doing here?
This place doesn't need you.
Why did you come back?

Who cares?



Well, it's not Midgar. It's definitely not Midgar. I mean, the title of the forum, it isn't Midgar Haven, so that's a pretty big giveaway right there. So what the heck am I doing here? Well, I thought I might try and get an old style roleplay going, maybe this is a terrible idea. I don't know. I'm going to put this here as a sort of 'expressions of interest' type topic, which would become a planning topic and such if this were to actually go ahead. If this is going to become a thing, I won't be GMing this alone, because lord knows that would end badly. I'll see who's interested, and we'll see how it goes from there. Onto the meat of the thing.

So SoaH the messageboard has had its share of downtime. That's no big secret. So let us weave this into the meta of the story we'll tell. Got a few small ideas, nothing particularly concrete, but since when has that been particularly important to an SoaH RP thread? Well, I guess it's kind of a little bit important. Hashing it all out here will do nicely. And, for old-time's sake, I'll hash out a few guidelines here too.

  • GMs are given the power to resolve disputes regarding interactions in the roleplay, this must be backed up by concise information. Don't complain if you get the short end of the stick, do better in the later parts of the RP. This goes for GM controlled characters, too. All actions are able to be subjected to review, and will be done in this topic.
  • I won't ask you not to Mary Sue, but if you must, make it interesting. Subvert the trope or something, I dunno. Bonus points if it was Old Man Ego in a bedsheet all along.
  • Before posting in the RP itself, post here first. OOC discussion is the lifeblood of a good RP.
  • Keep posts of a decent length, at least a paragraph. Gimme some description boi. I need to know why all the bullets/energy shots missed you.
  • When writing your posts, this is related to the above pointer, keep in mind that your character doesn't know everything that YOU know. Additionally, for backstory knowledge, hash that out here first, try not to just pull whatever plot developments you want to out of your bag of holding. Or work it out in PMs with the other RPers that it's relevant to. Nobody likes to suddenly be best friends. Because your new best friend could be the font of all evil. Eh. Not the best example, having good buddies is cool, but please, do work this thing out OOC first if it's not going to be developed IC during the RP.
  • Not exactly a guideline per-se, but I reserve the right to add to this list as the RP plays out, assuming there is one to play out.

Okay, so I think that's the majority of this mess hashed out. It is quite early in the morning and I can't sleep for some reason, so I've probably missed things. But yeah, tell your oldbie friends, and if you're new and want to get into some slightly more in-depth roleplay, tell your newbie friends too I guess if they're similarly inclined? Bah. Brain is fried, I am unwell, and this post is done -_-;

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This'll give me an excuse to dust off my novel-writing hands.

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Sounds interesting.

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I would love to have something like this to toss around, as this was the style and the canon I was use to having to jump in and around. I don't mind to resurrect a couple of older characters. I don't know if i got to properly play around with any of these characters but I would love the chance. 

I like the way you worked the destruction of old SoaH into it, so where exactly are we picking it up at? I'll do whatever role you need. I can GM for sure. Open-ended combat? 

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I don't have a huge number of details completely solidified yet, trying to gauge interest and such before I get too in-depth, but it would be a similar but not the same type of world I guess. Combat would be handled much as it generally would be previously, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any better systems they'd like to try. Ideally, the more people on board the better, gives more creative scope and such, so I'll let this sit here a bit longer, see if we get any more bites. We can still proceed if not.

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That sounds awesome, I'm up for any kind of system really. Open-ended, narrative, d20, you name it. If you need any kind of world-building help, please don't hesitate to ask. I think Stritix, Kyoko, myself, and you can really make something pretty cool. :)

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